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Frequently asked questions

How does arrivals and departures work?

Arrival time should be: 10:00
We will aim to finish by: 1:30

We will aim to finish by: 3:00
The coaches must sign your child in on arrival at the camp. They cannot be responsible for children they do not know have arrived.
The coaches will “release” children to their carer/parent outlined in the registration form. If there is a change to this, then please let a coach know at registration.

Social distancing measures will be in place in line with Government guidelines

What are you doing regarding COVID-19?

Whilst football is now allowed, we will still operate within the government guidelines including:

1. In and Out walkways
2. Hand sanitizing on arrival 3. Social distancing registration queue
4. You will be asked to confirm you have carried out a Covid-19 self-screening for your child.
5. Sharing of equipment will be kept to a minimum

Can I register on the day?

We would prefer you to book online as this allows for us to manage numbers. We may be able to accommodate people on the day but we cannot guarantee this.

Do you have toilet facilities?

Yes, the changing rooms has both boys and girls toilets. Children will be accompanied by a coach, who will wait outside and then only return to the field when all children are accounted for.

Are your coaches FA qualified?

Yes, all coaches hold, as a minimum, FA Level 1.

Can I watch?

At the end of the day we will finish with matches. This will usually be around 1:30pm. Parents are welcome to arrive early and watch these. Positive cheering only!

What do I need to bring?

Boots / Astro trainers Rain jacket Clothing for football, including spare top (in case it’s cold) Shin pads Still drinks or water in a plastic bottle (water can be refilled) Pack lunch and snacks at break
Sun cream and lotions should be applied before arrival. If it is hot, please pack a bottle for a top-up.
Any medical treatments

What if my child now can't attend

If you cannot attend, please contact the camp in advance and we will issue you with a refund.